360 VR Storm

  • Motion simulator

    3 DOF dynamic simulator platform provides an excellent immersive experience.

  • New design

    Brand new ergonomic design, more comfortable.

  • FRP material

    Fiber Reinforced Polymer material construction, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Product Details

2018 new VR equipment-360 Degree 9D VR motion chair. It can 360 degrees rotating and 50 pitch manipulator action achieves bigger freedom of movement to give you an amazing experience in virtual reality world you never been.

Use a pad instead of a large console, it is more convenient for players to experience games. And there are plenty of games for you to choose from. When you wear a VR headset, you will enter a completely immersive computer-generated environment, like entering a game or movie and so on. Anyone who has experienced this equipment says that this wonderful feeling is the feeling that other types of equipment don’t have it.

What is 360 VR storm?

Some people feel dizzy when they experience VR equipment, one of the important reason is the action from your eye viewing the virtual reality scene is different from the action from your body from the motion platform. Certainly, most of VR equipment only can swing or vibrate within the small limited angle, it is impossible to match the action like 360 degrees rolling of roller coasters.

This is the advantage of our equipment and the difference between it and other equipment.

360 Degree 9D VR Motion Chair, used totally new technology, to overcome the movement limited of electric cylinder platform, it can 360 degrees rotating smoothly without any pause and noise, action delay within, almost matches the action in any virtual reality scene 100%, to reduce the feeling of dizziness, at the same time brings people real feeling of weightless like you are trying real roller coaster, really a wonderful experience.

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