Multiplayer Vr Shooting Game Machine

  • Motion simulator

    3 DOF dynamic simulator platform provides an excellent immersive experience.

  • New design

    Brand new ergonomic design, more comfortable.

  • FRP material

    Fiber Reinforced Polymer material construction, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Attractive 9D VR Gun Shooting Game Simulator 
VR Video Game For Game Center
Detailed Images

Model : Virtual Reality Theme Park Machine Machine Language : English Version Size :  L3570*W3100*H2450mm Screen : 43″ inch HD Large Screen Players : 5.1 auto surrounding players Power : Strong power 4KW, more real feeling Voltage : 110V & 220V, or voltage converter Computer : 4pcs computers,i5-7400S- Intel USA, Windows Shooting Guns : 4 sets PP Interactive Shooting Guns VR Glasses : 4sets, Stable and Clear OLED Screen HTC ps4 VR Glasses Main Server : 1 Main Server Control 4 computers Blower : 1pc, Wind Blower Vibration : 10sets Vibration Spare Parts Game time : 8 mins Weight : 398kgs Special Effects : 4 kinds Vibration, Spray Air, Wind, Lightning Usage : Family Joy, Team Biulding, Party Enjoy, Game Play, Adventure Seeker, Couple Date, Commercial Business, Rental, etc

Feature of Multiplayer Vr Shooting Game Machine

· HTC Vive Helmet: Precise positioning without adjustment,Synchronize with games.

· PP Gun: 1:1 simulation gun, built-in vibrator, real experience game pleasure.

· JBL Headset: 360 free degree sence, integrated headphone, give you a difference virtual reality experience.

· 4 Kinds Special Effects: Vibration Floor, Wind, Spray Air, Lightning.

· Game: The maximum support of 4 players in the game, each game 8 minutes, the players co – operation.

· An exclusive game of research and development.


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