VR family home cinema 6 seats

  1. Improve return-on-investment6 people experience at the same time, pursuit profit maximization!
  2. Updated version 5D / 7D cinema, VR virtual glasses instead of the projector, can business in the light environment, strengthen experience desire to 100%!
  3. Unlimited business premises; shopping malls, theme pavilions, large shopping plaza, etc. all can run!
  4. Fashion cool appearanceequipped with tail lights and shoot light, catch your eyes!
  5. Various environment effect: air blow, leg sweep, seat vibration, and smoke!
  6. Monthly updates an exclusive production of 9D film, guarantee franchisees consistently profitable!

Product Details

Our Company name is Afresh Tech, brand is Omazing. What we manufacture are mainly the Virtual reality Simulator, something like the 9d vr 6 seats cinema, eggs cinema, HTC Game platform, VR Racing Car Simulator, Horse riding, 360 VR, 720 vr, Kids VR….9d Virtual Reality Cinema

 9d vr 6 seats cinema
i3/i5 7400
129 movies including 10 games

Main Features
1.Deepon Vr Glasses–Stable and clear, good vr experience.
2.Artificial Leather Seat–Easy to maintenance for long life.
3.HIgh Configuration–Servers and air compressors are the best.
4.6 aixs(6dof) free movement for 360 degree rotation.
5.750W Cylinder–strong power electric cylinder for special effects.
6.Special Effects–5 Kinds, Face air, push back, leg tickle, ear wind, vibration
7.Massive Movies–129pcs movie, including 5 pcs interactive game.

Games List

 1. The VR movies are made by our Professional Movies Production Team.

2. Provide with English Language movies and Interacitve games.

3. 129 pcs movies including 5 interctive games.

4.Different theme of movies for your choose, adventure, cartoon, horror, war, culture ect to suite all kind of customers.

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