1. Confirm the location of the VR game center.
  2. Using three-dimensional concept model ,can comprehensively the development situation of
  3. business,then pertinently put forward the countermeasures for future development.
  4. Match different equipment according to radiation business circle.
  5. Provide VR graphic design drawing for reference.
  6. Provide decoration effect map and distribution system design.

95 Square Meter

For the stores with a floor space of or below 95m2 ,

Six or seven kinds of hot selling VR products which are high-level ground efficiency ratio are recommended. This kind of design could meet the needs of people of different ages. So it’s very suitable for people who want to start their own first business.

150 Square Meter

For the stores with the floor space of 150 square meters, more kind of hot selling VR products and the new machine could be equipped to get a stereoscopic experience of the variety of playing methods like shooting, making exploration, crazy kids VR and racing etc.

350 Square Meter

Considering the stores with a floor space of 350 square meters, many of our popular products are for your option, like the newest design products, start series products, such as Start chariot, Interplanetary flywheel and Start trek. The product design shown in the picture could satisfy both adults and children’s need.

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